Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please Share Your Photos!

Please share your photos from the trip by uploading them to Picasa and tagging them with "umgeo2009softrock". One nice thing about Picasa is that the rest of us can access your photos at full resolution, if we are interested in using them for teaching, inclusion in the newsletter, or to print them out. Another is that you can georeference your photos in Picasa, so that they will appear on the trip map, either by specifying their location by clicking on a map or by matching the time they were shot to our GPS logs. (I'll be posting the GPS log of our trip shortly.)

Once you've uploaded a photo and tagged it in Picasa, then it will be added to the slideshow widget on this page automatically, though there can be a delay of several minutes. You can also search in Picasa for all the photos tagged with umgeo2009softrock.

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